All about Abby Villaruel...

Abby Villaruel, BSN CANS

  • President and Founder of ABYV Cosmetics and Sirene LaVie Swimwear. 
  • Ambassador for Project Michel Angelo Foundation.
  • Covergirl for Angel Rising Magazine Summer and Spring 2019.
  • Covergirl for FHM ASIA Magazine
  • Director of Aesthetics, Brand Ambassador and Master Injector at BE CLINICAL
  • Social Media Influencer with over 200k followers on Instagram and Facebook.
Her career in the beauty industry also landed her in some magazines and online clothing advertisements...

"I look at social media as a platform to inspire people and that is usually what my content is all about. If I can change a life with one post, then I will."

Abby Villaruel

ABYV cosmetics

Discover the secret of gorgeous and healthy skin with The Healthy Make up. Hypo-allergenic, Non-comedogenic, Paraben and Fragrance free, Dermatology tested. 100% Cruelty free.

Sirene LaVie Swimwear

Affordable, high quality, stylish Swimwear and Sportswear. Every pair sold provides a gift of life at Project Michel Angelo Foundation.

Aesthetics Abbylity

All you need to know about Aesthetics, Skincare and all the latest technology to help you look your best.


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